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7 Steps

Mike SterankaI spend thousands of dollars each year creating appointments for myself. These appointments come from a variety of marketing programs I have implemented. It is the reason I can have twenty appointments each week working only three days a week.

I know that when spending my marketing budget to create these appointments, I need to maximize my efficiency for each appointment.

The 7 Steps are the core of my appointment system… and I have literally spent hundreds of hours perfecting this appointment process.

My FMO partner, Brian Gengler, asked me why I thought I had such successful appointments. I told him it was my system and the thought and effort I have placed into it. Brian encouraged me to share this with the industry. That is the reason for this book. I want to help you by sharing the seven most important keys to the most successful appointments you will ever have.

Download the guide and start using this 7-step system today!